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How to Design Your Shopfront LED Sign and Its Function

The LED channel letter signs have a great impact on the shop. Aesthetically speaking, attracting customers’ attention is particularly important.

According to the relevant social psychology survey report, beautiful and eye-catching colours can cause the visual impact of temptation, and the distinctive and independent innovation of the brand image will also have the temptation of force majeure. Therefore, the signage colour and design can cause different reactions.

First of all, we need to choose the appropriate led shop sign or lightbox according to the products, the industry of your shops, like the hotel, retail store, chain shop, or shopping mall., as each industry has formed a certain form. For example, the financial, bookstore etc. industries are more suitable for metal bronze signage, while the entertainment industry should use LEDs, led shop signage, or neon sign etc, so as to be brighter at night.

Secondly, the business hours of the store/shop are also very important. If open at night, better choose the LED light signage, which can better let customers find your store, attract the eyes of passers-by and increase new customers.

Thirdly, the patterns, font styles, characteristics of your industry, and the consumer groups should also be taken into account when designing the shopfront led light sign. For example, if you are the owner of children’s clothing stores, the design colour on the door signs should be gorgeous luminous. And the patterns and font styles should be chosen for the relaxed and happy cartoon image, which can clarify the characteristics, and attract the eyes of the small consumers.

Moreover, when designing the shop signage, suggest selecting the colours that match the scheme and characteristics of your products and shop, shall be warm, bright and eye-catching. As consumers distinguish the colour first and then the logo and signage content. The led advertising signage needs to show a good visual experience for consumers, to achieve extraordinary advertising effect and is the final destination of each businessman and shop owner.

Red, yellow and green colours have obvious penetrability. Eye-catching and beautiful colours can give people a deep feeling. Some warm colours and vertical colours are very easy to concentrate customers’ attention. Moreover, the unique design style and colour of the shopfront sign/advertising led signage will give consumers a strong temptation.

For example,  the chain franchise stores, when applying this kind of design scheme to each chain store, will be more recognized by consumers. Also, it will be a great help to improve their reputation and image of your brand in the market.

You now have some ideas on the signage design and selection, now let’s talk about why led shop signs are so popular on the market.

  1. The LED luminous characters have the function of beautifying and brightening the city
  2. The luminous led signage is convenient for both businessmen and consumers
  3. The most important is that it can improve the advertising effect, shop image/brand image, which takes into account the day and night advertising, so as to maximize the advertising effect.
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