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Introduction of 6 Common Acrylic Luminous LED Channel Letter Signage

Acrylic led shop signs, hotel signs are very popular and common use, but there are many types of acrylic LED letter signs. Strictly speaking, the luminous LED signage that uses acrylic panels can be called acrylic signage. Below we introduce 6 commonly used acrylic luminous led letter signs.

1. Full-sides luminous LED acrylic channel letter signage

Also called 3-sides led channel letters, the front, side and flat surfaces are illuminated. And the colour of the LEDs can be changed according to customer needs, also different colours can be selected according to the colour of the panel.

The advantage of this craft is that when shine at night, have good gloss, bright colours, is waterproof and energy-saving, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. However, cannot be made in too small sizes.

2. Frontlit acrylic LED channel letters

The front is illuminated, generally, using 3mm transparent acrylic as the front panel, and the edge and bottom are using stainless steel with baking varnish. Moreover, the production processes are basically the same as the 3-sides light up acrylic led channel letters.

3. Three-dimensional blister acrylic led channel letters

3-sides illuminated led signs that are formed by blister moulding on the acrylic panel, also, some of them are engraved and glued to the acrylic panel, which is strong, durable, waterproof and energy saving.

4. Frontlit blister acrylic led channel letters

The production craft is similar to the blister lightbox, the acrylic panel is blister moulded, and the front is illuminated, the edge and the bottom is made of iron or stainless steel material.

5. Acrylic mini led channel letter sign

The distinguishing feature of the mini led signage is that the bottom area is larger than the upper area, the lighting area is wider, the lines are soft, and with the outstanding three-dimensional effect. Even from a far distance, you can see clear light from all angles, and the font is layered.

6. ABS fixture LED channel letter sign, injection moulding craft

The sign shells are made by injection moulding machines, one-time forming craft, no joints, standard and unified.

Moreover, the ABS signs use the led PCBA as the light source, with perfect lighting effect, no dead corners and blind spots, suitable for the chain stores, famous brands, like SAMSUNG, APPLE, HUAWEI, HORNER, SONY, LG, etc. mobile brands, home appliance brands, car brands, beauty brands…

Then why are ABS signs so popular among the chain brands?

  1. ABS material is environmentally friendly with an anti-UV function
  2. Using energy-saving LED PCB as light source, aluminium base with good heat dissipation performance
  3. Excellent lighting effect, no dead corners and shadows when light up
  4. Injection moulding craft, no joint, standard, unified with high grade
  5. Support mass production within a very short lead time, for example around a week for the order below 1000 sets.
  6. The most important is cost-effective with superior quality

If want to know more info about the acrylic led channel letter sign or the ABS fixture led sign, pls feel free to contact us via fog@foglighting, our team will offer a professional signage solution for you and your business.

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