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What is double-sides LED shop sign logo?

The double-sided luminous LED light sign is also known as front-lit and backlit led sign, which can emit light on both sides. The 2-sides led signage is usually used in the commercial area and some public service places. The double sides led channel letter sign has a good advertising and lighting effect, also very popular in the signage market. Generally speaking, LED double-sided luminous signage high-quality acrylic as luminous surface panels,  and using metal materials to build the sign shells and edges. And its light is soft, natural and uniform.

Generally speaking, double-sided led luminous sign logos have the following 3 characteristics:
  1. Fashion and beautiful, the sign shell and bottom are well engraved with the engraving machine and also carefully polished, which is in line with the aesthetics of young people. And this is one of the important reasons why commercial places favour double-sided LED channel letter signs
  2. Good manufacturer craft and texture, just like a handicraft, light up from the front and side, with a full sense of fashion. The sign shell and bottom are made of high-quality polymer acrylic materials, with stronger weather resistance and impact resistance, as well as a good sealing effect. To provide a suitable interior working environment and longer service life.
  3. Energy-saving, in line with the current environmental protection concept.
Clients will be a bit confused with the backlit led shop sign or the 2-sides led shop sign, then what is the difference between them?

Both 2-sides led sign and backlit led sign are having a relatively high market share in the advertising led sign market, so how do we choose?

First of all, we will need to clarify the difference between the LED double-sided luminous sign and the backlit pin mounted led sign. What are the differences between them?

Then let FOG Lighting’s editor show you, we can analyze from the four aspects, lighting effect, materials, characteristics and features, and the last is the application,  details are as follows:

  1. Lighting effect, double-sided LED luminous signage lighting on both front and back at the same time, while the backlit LED sign only light on the bottom.
  2. Materials, 2-sides LED sign’s shell is made of iron or stainless steel, and use acrylic as face panel, and usually metal edge on the sign. While the backlit led sign is made of stainless steel and titanium plates materials.
  3. Characteristics of usage, 2-sides signs can be lit up both on the front and bottom, so no matter clients view from which angles, the 2-sides signs are very attractive and live, no dead ends and each side is bright. However, the backlit led sign has a long working life, strong 3-dimensional effect, soft light and moderate brightness.
  4. Using directions, 2-sides led signs are widely used in various commercial places, such as merchants in shopping malls, and various supermarket door advertisements. The backlit led sign is generally used for indoor decoration walls, company front desks, background walls, etc.

However, the backlit LED signage has another manufacturer craft, which is made by injection moulding machines. One-time forming injection moulded craft, no joints with smooth lines. Pls refer to the following photo, here we can see while using this craft, the backlit sign has a very beautiful and gorgeous appearance. Moreover, the 2nd craft is more suitable for chain shops and brands, supports mass production.

If you are looking for reliable led sign suppliers in China, FOG Lighting is a good choice, with more than 17 years of led signage manufacturer experience, and offering professional signage one-stop solutions for our clients. Pls contact us via for more info and quotations, we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Introduction of 6 Common Acrylic Luminous LED Channel Letter Signage

Acrylic led shop signs, hotel signs are very popular and common use, but there are many types of acrylic LED letter signs. Strictly speaking, the luminous LED signage that uses acrylic panels can be called acrylic signage. Below we introduce 6 commonly used acrylic luminous led letter signs.

1. Full-sides luminous LED acrylic channel letter signage

Also called 3-sides led channel letters, the front, side and flat surfaces are illuminated. And the colour of the LEDs can be changed according to customer needs, also different colours can be selected according to the colour of the panel.

The advantage of this craft is that when shine at night, have good gloss, bright colours, is waterproof and energy-saving, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. However, cannot be made in too small sizes.

2. Frontlit acrylic LED channel letters

The front is illuminated, generally, using 3mm transparent acrylic as the front panel, and the edge and bottom are using stainless steel with baking varnish. Moreover, the production processes are basically the same as the 3-sides light up acrylic led channel letters.

3. Three-dimensional blister acrylic led channel letters

3-sides illuminated led signs that are formed by blister moulding on the acrylic panel, also, some of them are engraved and glued to the acrylic panel, which is strong, durable, waterproof and energy saving.

4. Frontlit blister acrylic led channel letters

The production craft is similar to the blister lightbox, the acrylic panel is blister moulded, and the front is illuminated, the edge and the bottom is made of iron or stainless steel material.

5. Acrylic mini led channel letter sign

The distinguishing feature of the mini led signage is that the bottom area is larger than the upper area, the lighting area is wider, the lines are soft, and with the outstanding three-dimensional effect. Even from a far distance, you can see clear light from all angles, and the font is layered.

6. ABS fixture LED channel letter sign, injection moulding craft

The sign shells are made by injection moulding machines, one-time forming craft, no joints, standard and unified.

Moreover, the ABS signs use the led PCBA as the light source, with perfect lighting effect, no dead corners and blind spots, suitable for the chain stores, famous brands, like SAMSUNG, APPLE, HUAWEI, HORNER, SONY, LG, etc. mobile brands, home appliance brands, car brands, beauty brands…

Then why are ABS signs so popular among the chain brands?

  1. ABS material is environmentally friendly with an anti-UV function
  2. Using energy-saving LED PCB as light source, aluminium base with good heat dissipation performance
  3. Excellent lighting effect, no dead corners and shadows when light up
  4. Injection moulding craft, no joint, standard, unified with high grade
  5. Support mass production within a very short lead time, for example around a week for the order below 1000 sets.
  6. The most important is cost-effective with superior quality

If want to know more info about the acrylic led channel letter sign or the ABS fixture led sign, pls feel free to contact us via fog@foglighting, our team will offer a professional signage solution for you and your business.

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LED Channel Letter Sign Market and Future Development Analysis

LED luminous signage is a new type of luminous logo product with a beautiful, exquisite and fashionable appearance. It is often used in some medium and high-end places, like brand stores, chain brand stores, hotels, shopping malls, airports, offices and so on in daily life. LED light-emitting advertising shop signs are widely used on the market, from the building led sign, wall mounted led sign, to ordinary shop sign, desktop led sign etc.

LED logo signs are very important for businesses, and there will be no substitutes for a long time from now to the future. In order to meet clients requirements, led signage manufacturers need to make continuous progress and innovation, and this is actually the future development trend of LED sign products. Today, let’s learn about the future of LED logo signage production.

According to the FOG Lighting summary, the future development of LED luminous channel letter signs is aimed at the continuous improvement of the use effect of the LED light signs. On the one hand, is to aim at the improvement of the service life of LEDs.

First of all, improving the use effect mainly depends on the continuous improvement of the quality of LED signage. For example, must be well solved the problem of the heat dissipation of the LED light source and the LED sign. Because it has been proved that the lighting effect of LED channel letters has been greatly affected by the heat dissipation specifications of LEDs. Another question is that for the hanging led sign in the shop or shopping mall, need to reduce the inner weight of the LED holder to lighter the signage. However, the mentioned items will affect the lifespan of the LEDs. To solve this problem for the chain brands/chain shops, FOG Lighting upgrade the light source from LED modular and LED strip to LED PCB, which is using the aluminium base, with good heat dissipation and is lightweight. Moreover, the LED PCB can be well solved the problem of the dark area, blind spots, to offer a perfect even lighting effect. Using anti-UV ABS materials to build the sign shells, with a beautiful outlook, no joints. Need to find a reliable led signage supplier, contact FOG Lighting freely via

FOG Lighting is the 1st sign manufacturer that develop the injection moulding ABS signs to the market, like the SAMSUNG ABS fixture sign, OPPO, VIVO shop front LED sign, including mobile chain brands, home appliance chain shops, beauty shops, car brands, like Toyota etc famous chain brands.

In addition, FOG Lighting will continue working on reducing the costs of led signage based on improving quality at the same time, so that FOG Lighting LED sign can attract more clients, which means FOG will pay more attention to R & D, to develop more and more new signage products, and increasing the quality at the same time.

If need gets solutions for your advertising led sign or shop sign, welcome to send me messages via, our professional engineer team will offer advice accordingly.

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How to Design Your Shopfront LED Sign and Its Function

The LED channel letter signs have a great impact on the shop. Aesthetically speaking, attracting customers’ attention is particularly important.

According to the relevant social psychology survey report, beautiful and eye-catching colours can cause the visual impact of temptation, and the distinctive and independent innovation of the brand image will also have the temptation of force majeure. Therefore, the signage colour and design can cause different reactions.

First of all, we need to choose the appropriate led shop sign or lightbox according to the products, the industry of your shops, like the hotel, retail store, chain shop, or shopping mall., as each industry has formed a certain form. For example, the financial, bookstore etc. industries are more suitable for metal bronze signage, while the entertainment industry should use LEDs, led shop signage, or neon sign etc, so as to be brighter at night.

Secondly, the business hours of the store/shop are also very important. If open at night, better choose the LED light signage, which can better let customers find your store, attract the eyes of passers-by and increase new customers.

Thirdly, the patterns, font styles, characteristics of your industry, and the consumer groups should also be taken into account when designing the shopfront led light sign. For example, if you are the owner of children’s clothing stores, the design colour on the door signs should be gorgeous luminous. And the patterns and font styles should be chosen for the relaxed and happy cartoon image, which can clarify the characteristics, and attract the eyes of the small consumers.

Moreover, when designing the shop signage, suggest selecting the colours that match the scheme and characteristics of your products and shop, shall be warm, bright and eye-catching. As consumers distinguish the colour first and then the logo and signage content. The led advertising signage needs to show a good visual experience for consumers, to achieve extraordinary advertising effect and is the final destination of each businessman and shop owner.

Red, yellow and green colours have obvious penetrability. Eye-catching and beautiful colours can give people a deep feeling. Some warm colours and vertical colours are very easy to concentrate customers’ attention. Moreover, the unique design style and colour of the shopfront sign/advertising led signage will give consumers a strong temptation.

For example,  the chain franchise stores, when applying this kind of design scheme to each chain store, will be more recognized by consumers. Also, it will be a great help to improve their reputation and image of your brand in the market.

You now have some ideas on the signage design and selection, now let’s talk about why led shop signs are so popular on the market.

  1. The LED luminous characters have the function of beautifying and brightening the city
  2. The luminous led signage is convenient for both businessmen and consumers
  3. The most important is that it can improve the advertising effect, shop image/brand image, which takes into account the day and night advertising, so as to maximize the advertising effect.
FOG Lighting is a professional led sign one-stop solution manufacturer in Shenzhen China, also a 1st in the world to build the ABS fixture led signage, served with many chain brands, including SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, HONER, OPPO, VIVO, Haier, Leader, Sony, Panasonic, Daikin, BOSCH, etc. chain brands, offering shopfront led sign, counter display LED light sign, lightbox etc advertising signage to our clients.  Welcome to contact FOG Lighting via to get quotations or suggestions.

What are the backlit LED Sign and its advantages

Today, let us introduce the backlit LED signs craft and its advantages.

The backlit LED sign, as the name implies, is the back light up LED signage, also called Halo Illuminated Signs.

The LED light shines through the transparent acrylic bottom shells and diffuses the light to the wall behind, forming a unique halo effect.

How to make the backlit LED sign?

The first is to make the sign shells, cut the metal plate, cut out the panel and sidebands, the sidebands are processed by hook corners, and then laser welded on the inner side of the panel edges.

After the sign shell is completed, add nuts, weld and fix it, and distribute the LEDs inside.

The screws connect to the nuts of the shell and fixed

How to install the backlit LED sign?

Fix the installation paper to the wall, punch holes at the screw position of the installation drawings. Then tear off the installation drawing, fix the other end of the screw to the wall, screw on the nut to fix it. The distance between the shell and the wall is about 3cm.

The advantages of the Halo Illuminated LED Signs.

  1. The metal surface is exquisitely crafted, exquisite and compact.
  2. Backlit lighting effect, with a strong gradation effect.
  3. LED lights are environmentally friendly, energy-saving and power-saving.
  4. The backlighting effect avoids direct exposure, so the light is soft and not dazzling.
  5. Simple maintenance and low failure rate.

If you have the interest to make the backlit LED signs and want to find a reliable supplier, welcome to send us messages via, FOG Lighting can be there to offer you suitable LED sign solutions to your business.

High Lighted LED PCBA Board

Custom Aluminum LED PCB Board, LED Circuit Board Manufacturing Services

Due to the LED lighting being very popular, led PCB is widely manufactured and used, it is used in almost every industry, even in our home.

PCB is commonly known as LED PCB or PCB Board for LED, it has many names, including the LED circuit board, LED aluminium PCB, led PCB board, etc., but they all refer to one thing.

What is the SMD LED PCBA board?

LED is a light-emitting diode, a semiconductor that emits light when an electric current flows through it, that’s why it is famous and widely used.

Now LED has already taken place the traditional lighting methods, because it is more reliable, more durable and more efficient. And according to the lighting area and requirements, a combination of LEDs will be used. In most cases, SMD LEDs can provide excellent brightness and lumens. Moreover, a special SMD LED PCB board is widely used in the signage area, the LEDs are well distributed on the aluminium circuit board base, named led PCB.

LED is known for a long lifetime, for example, an SMD LED can light up for an average of 100,000 hours, or even more. This is why LEDs are the most popular light source in the market.

Why aluminium LED PCB board?

Because LEDs give off too much heat when they light up, the baseboard must have excellent heat dissipation capacity. While aluminium material can dissipate heat efficiently without using the heat sink. While transferring heat to the aluminium base, PCB can efficiently dissipate a large amount of heat, this is why LED PCBA can work for a longer. Moreover, aluminium material can withstand high temperatures, but not bend or deteriorate. So LED PCBA circuit board is preferred because of more durable and long-lasting.

What advantages of the LED PCBA board?

  1. Cost-effective, the
  2. Excellent heat dissipation performance
  3. Durable and lightweight, dimension stable,
  4. Longer service life
  5. Lower power consumption
  6. No mercury, more environmentally friendly

FOG Lighting offers the LED PCB assembly service

LED PCB has been used for LED Lighting for a long time, and the LED signage area was a fresh new challenge. The demand for LED PCB assembly and design are increasing (ODM/OEM orders), and the assembly technology is changing with each passing day also.

LED PCB is using aluminium material as the baseboard, the aluminium material has effective heat dissipation specification to lower down the PCB board temperature. However, aluminium material has high thermal conductivity, it is easy to cause poor soldering during the LED PCB assembly process.

FOG Lighting is a professional one-stop service provider for LED signage as well as its components, including LED PCB and ABS shells. For the LED PCBA assembly service, FOG Lighting can offer LED PCB prototype manufacturing, prototype assembly, and PCB LED circuit design for our clients. ODM/OEM LED PCB board are welcomed.

If need to design the LED PCBA for your signage, or make the LED shopfront LED signage for your shop, pls feel free to contact us via

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How to Design A LED Shop Sign to Add Points to Your Store, FOG Lighting Will Help You

LED signage is the face of a shop, in this age of looking at faces, the importance of LED Shopfront signage is self-evident.

So, how do we design an attractive shop sign? This is a big question that confused many businessmen.

This article, FOG Lighting, will share some experiences with you.

First of all, a very important thing is that the shopfront LED signage should be made to highlight the style of the store.

For example, if your shop/store is in a casual style, the matching style of the shopfront sign should be able to highlight the sense of leisure and comfort. It can be set according to the category of crowds, young people can be fashionable and trendy, the older is elegant and mature. So we can give more consideration to fonts and tones according to your shop style, as well as your customer group.

Remark: Storefront LED signs that are easy to remember, cheerful, and auspicious will be loved by most people.

Secondly, add your shop content when you design the shopfront sign

Many shops will use a three-dimensional form to inform passers-by of special products and promotions in the store.

It doesn’t cost much, but we have to consider whether it is compatible with your store and avoid destroying the beauty of the shopfront signage design.

Thirdly, the materials selected to make the shopfront signage should be according to your store overall decoration style.

For example, the casual style shops, we can choose fashionable acrylic signs or acrylic light boxes, etc., to show our feelings.

At present, for small and medium businesses, blister light boxes are more commonly used in the market. The lightboxes use the LEDs as the light source, they are bright and energy-saving, have a long service life and are not easy to break.

However, for the big chain-shops, like more than 50, 100, or several thousand shops, they will choose the ABS mould LED shopfront signage, ABS lightboxes, and the ABS counter LED sign. Using injection moulding machines to make the shells, LED PCBA as the light source, even lighting, cost-effective, and uniform, elegant and beautiful appearance. Moreover, it can support batch production in a very short time that meets chain brands requirements. FOG Lighting has made ABS counter display LED signage for a famous mobile brand, 5000 sets in 2 weeks, for their new model released.

Forth, the shopfront signage should be designed clear and obvious in hindsight

The good design, simple, and refreshing shopfront LED advertising signage gives people comfortable first feelings.

Moreover, the LED signage need to be cleaned and maintained regularly, in order to maintain a long-lasting clean and fresh. As we all know, a clean and hygienic store will continue to attract customers.


FOG Lighting is a professional LED signage manufacturer in Shenzhen China, have more than 18 years on manufacturing LED signage, core craft is the ABS injection moulding sign, welcome to contact us to get quotations or LED solutions via

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10 Common Luminous LED Channel Letters Recommend and Application Occasions

LED luminous signboards are key advertising for retail shops and shopping malls, and are commonly used in most advertising activities. As far as we know, the LED channel sign letters are to induce people’s attention and interest, and also let people have the idea to go in your shop and have a look.

A good-looking LED light sign for the shopfront, background wall, or desktop display represents a good image of your company and brand, which can be clear presented to your clients and improve the brand performance at the same time.

Then, what are the categories of the LED shop signs? I will comment on 10 common luminous signs for everyone today. And if need custom advertising LED signage, welcome to send us messages via

1. Double sides LED light sign

2-sides lighting led letters also known as frontlit and backlit MINI LED channel letter signage, the advantage is uniform luminescence, excellent sensory lighting effect and long service lifetime.

It’s MINI signage manufacturing craft, different from other led signage craft, the MINI letter has more possibilities. According to the MINI letter’s structure, it can be divided into face shell, bottom shell,  and LED lights. Unlike other led signage craft, it does not have metal shells/materials, will not hinder the lighting range. Moreover, it’s using excellent polymer acrylic that has a uniform light effect. Although the MINI letter sign is more suitable for the backlight effect, as long as you bake paint in the middle of the face shell, we can easily achieve the lighting effect of front-lit and backlit.

Moreover, when we change the bottom transparent/white shell to the required color, the light color of the front and back of the MINI sign letters will be different, and the backlight effect of the light-emitting led channel signage is more simple, beautiful, and three-dimensional compared with other craft led signs.

2. Epoxy resin LED channel letters

The resin led signs are very popular because of their uniform and beautiful lighting effect and diversified visual presentation, often used in the construction of high-end commercial brand terminal visual identity. So the resin led light sign important application occasions including mid-to-high-end commercial venues, entertainment clubs, and mobile and home appliances chain stores, etc.

Resin led light sign has 2 types, divided into epoxy resin luminous characters and unsaturated resin luminous characters. FOG Lighting only make the epoxy resin LED sign for our clients, and the thinnest stroke can be 6mm, and brightness can achieve more than 2 times of the acrylic LED channel letters.

3. Frontlit LED channel letters

It’s usually made with stainless steel, titanium, and galvanized sheets as raw materials. And the most common is the 304 stainless steel LED channel letters, which has both the metallic feeling of black titanium and the beauty of PMMA. It is the mainstream of outdoor LED luminous signs, with mature technology, low cost and high cost-effective performance.

LED frontlit channel letter has a beautiful outlook, strong three-dimensional sense and various performance materials, such as stainless steel, titanium materials with strong metal texture, as well as matte baking paint materials.

4. Punching LED channel letters

Also called a punching LED signboard, as its LED light sources are directly exploding into the air, the brightness is extremely strong. So it’s the best choice for the giant LED logo/letter signage for the high buildings. For example, to be the CBD’s LED sign, hotel led sign, shopping mall’s led signage, etc.

However, it’s not suitable to be used as a LED signboard with a close distance.

5. Aluminum LED channel letters

The boundless LED letter sign has many resin le sign’s characteristics and can make up for the shortage of yellowing while the resin LED signage using in outdoor.

At present, there are two types of borderless LED signage, aluminium shell and stainless steel shell LED sign letter. But the most widely used one is the aluminium material, so it’s ​widely known as the aluminium led channel letters.

6. Three-sided luminous LED channel letters

The whole body can be lighted up, it has the characteristics of impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and high solidity.

7. Backlit LED channel letters

It has a soft and dazzling light effect, which differs from the front-lit led channel letters. And it has many different materials choosing when making it, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Moreover, there is a three-dimensional sensory feeling after the light is turned on, the lighting effect is excellent during the day and night.

8. Marquee led channel letters

It’s a kind of retro craft LED signage, using spherical lamps or tungsten lamps as the light source, which are bright and eye-catching.

It’s very suitable to use on the holidays, like the Christmas decoration, or romantic weddings, and the bars, etc.

9. Neon LED channel letter sign

The LED neon sign is generally used for large outdoor signs or creative luminous designs/patterns. Some neon signs’ lights are displayed directly, some are blocked. And the LED neon sign is known as a high-end lighting decoration product, it looks like an ordinary neon lamp, but it can be bent arbitrarily.

Moreover, the LED neon channel letter is shatter-resistant and waterproof, so it can be used indoors and outdoors.

10. ABS injection moulding LED channel letter

The ABS led letters is made by the mould injection process, and the signage bottom shell is integrated without welding and joints, with outlet holes, mounting holes, and heat dissipation holes, one-time forming mould craft.

Moreover, the light source is different from the above 9 led channel letters, it’s using letter shape aluminium PCBA circuit board, which distribute LEDs by the SMT machines. So the lighting effect is superior to others, uniform lighting without dead corners, and blind spots.

The ABS led signage is outstanding compared with other led channel letters, no matter the lighting effect, quality, or beautiful outlook. However, not many people know it, as the ABS sign is more suitable for the chain brands, like the SAMSUNG, APPLE, SONY, LG, HUAWEI, OPPO, VIVO, Haier, Midea, etc brands, support mass production in a very short time.

If need more information about the ABS mould letters, welcome to contact us via, FOG lighting is a professionally led sign maker in Shenzhen, China, mainly served chain brands, like the above-mentioned mobile brands and home application brands, as well as some other brands like the communication, food, cosmetic, beauty, etc.

FOG Lighting

LED Light Source Common Problems and Solutions of the LED Sign

At present, LED advertising signs have become mainstream products in the signage industry. Because of the huge demand for LED, the market competition in LED manufacturing and sales is also extremely fierce. Many suppliers have improved their competitiveness by lowering prices. As the saying goes ‘Cheapest is the dearest’, many customers have bought inferior products at cheaper prices, resulting in a series of after-sales problems. Today, the editor of FOG Lighting will discuss with you how to distinguish between good and bad luminous characters.

Too bright lighting is not necessarily good

When we make/order a LED sign, bright light is a must. At the same time, we also have to consider the durability of the LED’s lighting effect. Many suppliers will increase the current in order to improve the brightness of the LEDs, which will directly increase the heat of the exposed LEDs, thereby increasing the light attenuation of the exposed LEDs. The LEDs lighting effect is good, but only short-lived.

Solutions: Solutions: First of all, before you customize a logo, you must understand the approximate market price of your required craft. If the prices is too different from the market price, you have to pay more attention. Another way to clarify is that, we can touch the LEDs lighting temperature, if the exposed LED reaches the “hot” state within a short time after turn on the power, then there is a high probability of quality problems.

Does the LED light have chromatic aberration, and is the lighting effect uniform?

This problem directly affects the performance of the LEDs lighting effect. The LEDs colour difference directly leads to the uneven light effect of the luminous LED signage.

The reason for this problem has: the quality of the LEDs is inconsistent, they may be mixed use of good products and fake products. And this is also a way in the price wars. But the after-sales problems are also very troublesome to maintain.

Solution: Purchase the same supplier, same batch and same colour LEDs to make the same batch led sign.

Use ohmmeter tests the working current of the LEDs

Through the instrument, we can clearly test the working current of the LED lamp source.

Generally, the best working current of the LED is 20mA, if over 22mA, the heat is too large, the light decay is strengthened, and the life is shortened.

If less than 20mA, the brightness is not ideal enough.

Light-emitting angle

The larger the light-emitting angle of the LEDs, the better its astigmatism effect, and the irradiation range increases, but the brightness of the light emission is reduced; the smaller the light-emitting angle, the lighting increases, but the irradiation range will be reduced.

The light-emitting angle is an important criterion for evaluating LED light sources. Some manufacturers, in order to earn higher profits, reduce the light-emitting angle to increase the brightness, you will buy this kind of inferior product if you don’t pay attention.

We understand that the reason why you choose LED luminous signs as advertising is that the sign must have both day and night advertising effects.  FOG Lighting has a wealth of experience in led signage production, and moreover, FOG Lighting has its own workshop to make the LED PCBA boards, we will strictly control the product raw materials. As for the purchase of LEDs, FOG Lighting will test and inspect them before purchase, after arriving at our factory, and before installation. The quality of the FOG Lighting led signage product is trustworthy.

If need custom your own signage, welcome to send us messages via, we will be here to assist and work out the best solution for you.

LED PCBA Light Source

Why Choose LED PCB Light Source for ABS Mould LED Sign?

Friends who know something about the ABS injection molding led signage, know that the LED circuit board light source (LED PCBA Light Source) is the designated light source for injection moulding ABS led sign. Usually, the LED sign light source we use is the LED modules or flexible LED stripe.

What are the unique advantages of the PCBA board light source that won the favour of a large number of chain brands? In this article, FOG Lighting will dissect it in detail.

If you want to know more about the ABS shell, pls refer to this web to get more info,

The injection-moulded ABS shell, because of its superior performance, in terms of chemical properties, the thermal deformation temperature of ABS material is 93-118 ℃, the finished products can be increased by about 10 ℃ after annealing. Moreover, ABS can still show certain toughness at minus 40 ℃.

First of all, luminous uniform and has a bright lighting effect.

Even lighting and high brightness are common requirements for all LED signs. But the regular led signs, like the stainless steel led sign, resin sign, seamless sign etc. are made by led modules and led strip, distributed and pasted the led modules/LED strip manual, so it is difficult to achieve such precision as the PCBA LED light source.

While the LED PCBA light source is using the LED laminating Machine, well-distributed the LEDs on the aluminium baseboard, evenly and no dead corner. Moreover, the aluminium baseboard is cut and shaped according to the size of the signage, can be perfectly fit the ABS shell.

After distributing the LEDs on the baseboard, then fixed the PCBA board on the inner side of the bottom ABS shell with screws. So you can see the ABS led sign lighting effect is much better than the one made by manual, even lighting, no blind spots, and dark area.

Secondly, a stable working state

The baseboard material of the PCBA light source is aluminium materials, which has excellent heat dissipation performance. Combined with the heat dissipation holes reserved on the backside of the ABS shell, it provides a suitable working temperature for the inside of the injection-moulded ABS led signs, greatly improving the service life and lighting stability of the LED PCBA light source, has low light decay, and the service life of the LED PCBA light source exceeds 50000h.

Thirdly, cost-effective

ABS led sign is usually required in batch (the led signs that need open new moulds), and the required luminous led sign specifications are unified, the LED PCBA light source can be made for batch production, with low cost and good lighting effect.

If you ordered the one that already has the ready-made moulds, that FOG Lighting has stocks, like the SAMSUNG, Haier, Galaxy, Siemens, etc, then no need to offer moulds cost again. Pls send messages to to check if the brands you want to order already has the ready molds.

Fouth, easy installaiton

There is a large demand for the ABS mould led signs, clients also demand at least dozens of sets or hundreds of sets each time, many even reach several thousand or tens of thousands sets each time, the led PCBA board can be produced in a very short time, as it was made by the LED laminating Machine, only needs to fix the PCBA board in the ABS shell with screws, so ABS mold sign craft has high production efficiency and short delivery cycle.

To sum up, the customized LED circuit board (LED PCBA Light Source) can be select the type of LEDs and the LEDs distribution position according to the needs of customers. And through close cooperation, it can meet the most stringent requirements of high-end customers for the brightness and uniformity of the advertising signs.

Moreover, FOG Lighting has upgraded the waterproof performance of the letter shape LED PCBA board. There are two kinds of waterproof methods, Lens waterproof and covered with waterproof silicone glue, the waterproof level can be reaching IP67, the targe-angle optical lens can reduce the number of LEDs, energy-saving and environmental protection.

FOG LIGHTING has a variety of ready-moulds for home appliances, mobile phone brands, car brands, beauty brands, like OPPO, VIVO, HUAWEI, SAMSUNG, Midea, Haier, Toyota, Sony, Panasonic, and many other popular brands. Welcome to send us inquiries via