10 Common Luminous LED Channel Letters Recommend and Application Occasions

LED luminous signboards are key advertising for retail shops and shopping malls, and are commonly used in most advertising activities. As far as we know, the LED channel sign letters are to induce people’s attention and interest, and also let people have the idea to go in your shop and have a look.

A good-looking LED light sign for the shopfront, background wall, or desktop display represents a good image of your company and brand, which can be clear presented to your clients and improve the brand performance at the same time.

Then, what are the categories of the LED shop signs? I will comment on 10 common luminous signs for everyone today. And if need custom advertising LED signage, welcome to send us messages via fog@foglighting.com.

1. Double sides LED light sign

2-sides lighting led letters also known as frontlit and backlit MINI LED channel letter signage, the advantage is uniform luminescence, excellent sensory lighting effect and long service lifetime.

It’s MINI signage manufacturing craft, different from other led signage craft, the MINI letter has more possibilities. According to the MINI letter’s structure, it can be divided into face shell, bottom shell,  and LED lights. Unlike other led signage craft, it does not have metal shells/materials, will not hinder the lighting range. Moreover, it’s using excellent polymer acrylic that has a uniform light effect. Although the MINI letter sign is more suitable for the backlight effect, as long as you bake paint in the middle of the face shell, we can easily achieve the lighting effect of front-lit and backlit.

Moreover, when we change the bottom transparent/white shell to the required color, the light color of the front and back of the MINI sign letters will be different, and the backlight effect of the light-emitting led channel signage is more simple, beautiful, and three-dimensional compared with other craft led signs.

2. Epoxy resin LED channel letters

The resin led signs are very popular because of their uniform and beautiful lighting effect and diversified visual presentation, often used in the construction of high-end commercial brand terminal visual identity. So the resin led light sign important application occasions including mid-to-high-end commercial venues, entertainment clubs, and mobile and home appliances chain stores, etc.

Resin led light sign has 2 types, divided into epoxy resin luminous characters and unsaturated resin luminous characters. FOG Lighting only make the epoxy resin LED sign for our clients, and the thinnest stroke can be 6mm, and brightness can achieve more than 2 times of the acrylic LED channel letters.

3. Frontlit LED channel letters

It’s usually made with stainless steel, titanium, and galvanized sheets as raw materials. And the most common is the 304 stainless steel LED channel letters, which has both the metallic feeling of black titanium and the beauty of PMMA. It is the mainstream of outdoor LED luminous signs, with mature technology, low cost and high cost-effective performance.

LED frontlit channel letter has a beautiful outlook, strong three-dimensional sense and various performance materials, such as stainless steel, titanium materials with strong metal texture, as well as matte baking paint materials.

4. Punching LED channel letters

Also called a punching LED signboard, as its LED light sources are directly exploding into the air, the brightness is extremely strong. So it’s the best choice for the giant LED logo/letter signage for the high buildings. For example, to be the CBD’s LED sign, hotel led sign, shopping mall’s led signage, etc.

However, it’s not suitable to be used as a LED signboard with a close distance.

5. Aluminum LED channel letters

The boundless LED letter sign has many resin le sign’s characteristics and can make up for the shortage of yellowing while the resin LED signage using in outdoor.

At present, there are two types of borderless LED signage, aluminium shell and stainless steel shell LED sign letter. But the most widely used one is the aluminium material, so it’s ​widely known as the aluminium led channel letters.

6. Three-sided luminous LED channel letters

The whole body can be lighted up, it has the characteristics of impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and high solidity.

7. Backlit LED channel letters

It has a soft and dazzling light effect, which differs from the front-lit led channel letters. And it has many different materials choosing when making it, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Moreover, there is a three-dimensional sensory feeling after the light is turned on, the lighting effect is excellent during the day and night.

8. Marquee led channel letters

It’s a kind of retro craft LED signage, using spherical lamps or tungsten lamps as the light source, which are bright and eye-catching.

It’s very suitable to use on the holidays, like the Christmas decoration, or romantic weddings, and the bars, etc.

9. Neon LED channel letter sign

The LED neon sign is generally used for large outdoor signs or creative luminous designs/patterns. Some neon signs’ lights are displayed directly, some are blocked. And the LED neon sign is known as a high-end lighting decoration product, it looks like an ordinary neon lamp, but it can be bent arbitrarily.

Moreover, the LED neon channel letter is shatter-resistant and waterproof, so it can be used indoors and outdoors.

10. ABS injection moulding LED channel letter

The ABS led letters is made by the mould injection process, and the signage bottom shell is integrated without welding and joints, with outlet holes, mounting holes, and heat dissipation holes, one-time forming mould craft.

Moreover, the light source is different from the above 9 led channel letters, it’s using letter shape aluminium PCBA circuit board, which distribute LEDs by the SMT machines. So the lighting effect is superior to others, uniform lighting without dead corners, and blind spots.

The ABS led signage is outstanding compared with other led channel letters, no matter the lighting effect, quality, or beautiful outlook. However, not many people know it, as the ABS sign is more suitable for the chain brands, like the SAMSUNG, APPLE, SONY, LG, HUAWEI, OPPO, VIVO, Haier, Midea, etc brands, support mass production in a very short time.

If need more information about the ABS mould letters, welcome to contact us via fog@foglighting.com, FOG lighting is a professionally led sign maker in Shenzhen, China, mainly served chain brands, like the above-mentioned mobile brands and home application brands, as well as some other brands like the communication, food, cosmetic, beauty, etc.

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