How to Design A LED Shop Sign to Add Points to Your Store, FOG Lighting Will Help You

LED signage is the face of a shop, in this age of looking at faces, the importance of LED Shopfront signage is self-evident.

So, how do we design an attractive shop sign? This is a big question that confused many businessmen.

This article, FOG Lighting, will share some experiences with you.

First of all, a very important thing is that the shopfront LED signage should be made to highlight the style of the store.

For example, if your shop/store is in a casual style, the matching style of the shopfront sign should be able to highlight the sense of leisure and comfort. It can be set according to the category of crowds, young people can be fashionable and trendy, the older is elegant and mature. So we can give more consideration to fonts and tones according to your shop style, as well as your customer group.

Remark: Storefront LED signs that are easy to remember, cheerful, and auspicious will be loved by most people.

Secondly, add your shop content when you design the shopfront sign

Many shops will use a three-dimensional form to inform passers-by of special products and promotions in the store.

It doesn’t cost much, but we have to consider whether it is compatible with your store and avoid destroying the beauty of the shopfront signage design.

Thirdly, the materials selected to make the shopfront signage should be according to your store overall decoration style.

For example, the casual style shops, we can choose fashionable acrylic signs or acrylic light boxes, etc., to show our feelings.

At present, for small and medium businesses, blister light boxes are more commonly used in the market. The lightboxes use the LEDs as the light source, they are bright and energy-saving, have a long service life and are not easy to break.

However, for the big chain-shops, like more than 50, 100, or several thousand shops, they will choose the ABS mould LED shopfront signage, ABS lightboxes, and the ABS counter LED sign. Using injection moulding machines to make the shells, LED PCBA as the light source, even lighting, cost-effective, and uniform, elegant and beautiful appearance. Moreover, it can support batch production in a very short time that meets chain brands requirements. FOG Lighting has made ABS counter display LED signage for a famous mobile brand, 5000 sets in 2 weeks, for their new model released.

Forth, the shopfront signage should be designed clear and obvious in hindsight

The good design, simple, and refreshing shopfront LED advertising signage gives people comfortable first feelings.

Moreover, the LED signage need to be cleaned and maintained regularly, in order to maintain a long-lasting clean and fresh. As we all know, a clean and hygienic store will continue to attract customers.


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