Why SAMSUNG Choose The Intelligent ABS Fixture LED Sign?

SAMSUNG is one of the world’s most well-known communication brands, their market covers all over the world. Generally, SAMSUNG stores/retail shops etc. terminals sellers will be equipped with specific SAMSUNG led shop signs.

And from 2020 and 2021, all SAMSUNG shops changed their new ABS injection moulding led fixture signage, they changed the sharp angels on their logos and some other small details to increase their brand image. And very good news, FOG Lighting has updated all the new moulds for SAMSUNG signs, welcome to send us an email via fog@foglighting.com to get the available sizes.

Why did SAMSUNG choose the ABS LED sign instead of other crafts?

In the past, the indoor sign solution is usually resin signage, however, there will have many limits due to the high prices and long production time. So we recommended the injection moulding led fixture signage to the SAMSUNG head office to solve these limitations and help to make the chain-brand shop signs standard, unified in the worldwide market.

And now, all the SAMSUNG led light signs, no matter the shopfront led sign, indoor desktop sign, and other led light letters in the SAMSUNG shops, all using the ABS led letters. Including their sub-brands, and the mobile phone models, like Galaxy, QLED series, S8, S9, etc (just write out parts of them).

The ABS injection molding led signage is using injection moulding machines to produce the letter shells, so we need to open stainless steel moulds at the start that are needed put into the injection moulding machines when starting production. Later after the ABS shell/housing is finished, put the customized led PCBA board in the shell and fix it. Many factories are using glass glue to fix, however, FOG Lighting continues to insist fix by screws, although it will increase our production cost. Last insert the PC face panel into the ABS letter shell and fix it with organic glue. Need special pay attention to the PC face panels, as the ABS letter shells are made by the moulds, the face panel we also need to use the high-precision engraving machines to engrave then can be fit rightly.

Note: FOG Lighting has many ready-molds for the chain brands, including mobile brands, telecom brands, car brands, as well as local famous brands in different markets, welcome to send us messages to check by email fog@foglighting.com.

The featured advantages for ABS led letter sign

1. High-precision open-mould production, high precision, good lighting effect, no light leakage.
2. Customized Aluminum PCBA board, high light, even lighting, no dead corner/blind spots, and shadows when lighting.
3. Using high-brightness LEDs, no dark spots
4.1MM ultra-narrow edge, light-emitting area up to 98%
5. Ultra-thin and lightweight, beautiful outlook and support various installation methods, pin-mounted series, Hanging series, desktop series, floor standing series, as well as the series.
6. Very suitable for mass production, with a short production cycle.
7.2020/2021 Newest SAMSUNG ABS fixture sign ready-moulds, available sizes: H75mm, H100mm, H125mm, H150mm, H175mm H200mm, H250mm.


If need to place an order for SAMSUNG LED light signs, or inquiry for more information, welcome to contact us via fog@foglighting.com.

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