ABS Moulded LED Sign, Two Different Crafts for OPPO Chain Shops

The sales of OPPO mobile phones have been increasing greatly in recent years. OPPO stores are blooming both in the domestic market and global market. Such explosive sales growth is directly linked to the viral development of OPPO offline stores. In China, when we go out, we can see OPPO stores with white luminous logos on the green bottom plate everywhere.

The demand for LED luminous signage is huge because of such a big quantity of offline stores, all the OPPO stores need at least 1 set of the OPPO shopfront LED signs. Here let FOG Lighting introduce the OPPO PCBA circuit board light source injection moulding led sign craft in detail for you, mainly used for indoor and outdoor advertising, as well as the counter display LED signage. FOG Lighting has specially developed a full series of OPPO LED shop signs, to serve and meet the requirements of the OPPO brand’s advertising.

To meet the big chain brands requirements of LED signage, high quality, even lighting, standard, and uniform, FOG Lighting developed a new injection moulding craft to make the LED signage, using LED PCBA board as light source, injection moulding machines to make the sign outer shells, which can achieve big volume production in very short lead time. In this article, let me introduce this craft and the OPPO case in detail to everyone.

OPPO Front-lit LED shop sign — ABS injection moulding craft

The most commonly used type is the ABS front-lit LED sign for the shopfront, OPPO stores are the same. The OPPO sign shell is using imported ABS materials to build, chemical stability, not easy to deform. Moreover, the production is extremely high for the ABS injection moulded shell, the outlet hole, heat dissipation holes, and mounting holes are integrally formed, which is highly efficient.

The LED PCBA light source is using the aluminium substrate, the OPPO signs we are using the 2835 LEDs, which have a large luminous angle, to full use the diffuse reflection principle. No need to install very dense LEDs to achieve a high brightness, uniform lighting effect, energy-saving and high efficiency.

The PCBA light source is fully matched with the ABS shell, the LEDs are well distributed on the aluminum base by the LED placement machine/Mounter. Moreover, the heat dissipation performance of the aluminum substrate is more than three times of iron material.

The OPPO led signs we are using PC materials as the face panel, with strong toughness, and the PC face panel can be seamlessly connected with the ABS shell, the light transmittance exceeds 90%, all lead to good performance on the lighting.

OPPO front-lit ABS signage FOG Lighting has full sizes from H66mm to H800mm, indoor and outdoor, as well as counter display LED signage, I will share some photos at the bottom of this article.

OPPO Backlit LED shop sign — ABS moulded craft

OPPO backlit ABS LED signs are applied to the background wall of OPPO stores, the logo shell and the bottom transparent box are integrated injection moulding. Here we can see both the green front shell and the bottom white base shell of the sign are made by the precise stainless steel mould, the light source we are using are the LED PACBA aluminium baseboard, using pin mounted installation system.

The advantages of this superior ABS injection moulding craft

1. PC face panel

PC material has good light guiding, can well transform the LED light source, and presents a high-brightness, uniform lighting effect.

The PC panel has very good toughness, is not easy to break, convenient to match the ABS shells. Moreover, the good toughness specification makes the PC panel and the ABS shell more tightly and firmly nested, and achieve a seamless connection.

2. ABS injection moulding sign shell

FOG Lighting’s ABS shells are injection moulded by the stainless steel moulds, including heat dissipation holes, wire outlet holes, installation holes and other configurations. One-piece injection moulding craft, the ABS shells has the features of the sizes stable, lightweight, strong weather resistance.

3. Advantages of the LED PCBA circuit board light source

* Even lighting effect, more flexible on distributing the LEDs, which solves the problem of brightness inconsistency of strokes’ size and thickness.

* Stable quality, using large chips and aluminum substrates, high brightness with low light decay.

* Production efficiency, the production efficiency of installing the PCBA is more than 10 times higher than LED modular and the LED strips, saving the labour costs.

* Cost-effective, compared with the LED PCBA boards brightness, quality, and production costs, the LED PCBA board is considered to be more cost-effective overall.

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