FOG Lighting Attend DPES Sign & LED Expo China

FOG Lighting Attend DPES Sign & LED Expo China on 2019 and 2020


FOG Lighting had attended the 2019 DPES SIGN EXPO CHINA advertising exhibition, which was held in Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo. The products display on the DPES show are mainly brands of LED logo solutions, including pin mounted luminous LED signage, desktop luminous LED signage and LED lightboxes. The chain brands signage solutions bring together various specifications of the ABS injection moulding LED logo solutions for the mobile phone brands, home appliance brands and well-known overseas brands. We will introduce them in detail below.


1. ABS injection moulding LED signage solutions for SAMSUNG Group

Samsung brand luminous LED signage products are one of the main products promoted by FOG Lighting at this exhibition. FOG Lighting opened moulds for SAMSUNG logos according to Samsung’s global guidance documents, and produce ABS injection-molded LED luminous logos for SAMSUNG brands, including Galaxy, Android TV, QLED series etc.
ABS mold led signage to unify all the store logo standards, and improve its brand image.

2. OPPO, VIVO, HUAWEI, HONOR, etc. Chinese big mobile phone brands LED signage solutions

FOG Lighting occupies a large part of the Chinese and global market in OPPO, VIVO, HUAWEI, HONOR, etc. domestic mobile phone giant brands. FOG Lighting has rich production experience and overcomes a variety of production problems. You can see here in our booth has more than 50 brands logos. And these are only small parts of our cooperated clients.
The mobile phone brands logos in this exhibition include LED luminous back-mounted signs, led desktop display luminous signs, and Huawei desktop magnetic LED light sign.

3. Home appliance brand identity solution

Such as Midea, Haier, Siemens, leader, sharp and other stores with luminous signs

4. China Mobile LED logo solution, one of the three China Communications companies

The stores of China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom can be said to be everywhere. FOG lighting is served for China Mobile, customized led logos to their communication stores.

5. ABS injection moulding lightbox

Different from the traditional lightbox, the whole lightbox shell is integrally formed by the injection moulding machine, with a high-grade and atmospheric outlook, uniform luminescence without any shadow, which is suitable for mass customization of chain brands.


The injection molding signage solution can realize mass production, and even finish a mass production in a very short time, like finishing a thousand sets of SAMSUNG ABS fixture signs in a week.
High precision, fast production efficiency, time-saving, cost-saving, non wrapped design, integrated moulding of injection molding bottom box, fashionable appearance and luminous effect are no less than boundless LED signage.
For friends who need mass production for brand logos, injection molding ABS signage is undoubtedly a good choice.

For more information or need custom your own logos, pls feel free to contact us at, we are happy to hear from you.

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