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LED Channel Letter Sign Market and Future Development Analysis

LED luminous signage is a new type of luminous logo product with a beautiful, exquisite and fashionable appearance. It is often used in some medium and high-end places, like brand stores, chain brand stores, hotels, shopping malls, airports, offices and so on in daily life. LED light-emitting advertising shop signs are widely used on the market, from the building led sign, wall mounted led sign, to ordinary shop sign, desktop led sign etc.

LED logo signs are very important for businesses, and there will be no substitutes for a long time from now to the future. In order to meet clients requirements, led signage manufacturers need to make continuous progress and innovation, and this is actually the future development trend of LED sign products. Today, let’s learn about the future of LED logo signage production.

According to the FOG Lighting summary, the future development of LED luminous channel letter signs is aimed at the continuous improvement of the use effect of the LED light signs. On the one hand, is to aim at the improvement of the service life of LEDs.

First of all, improving the use effect mainly depends on the continuous improvement of the quality of LED signage. For example, must be well solved the problem of the heat dissipation of the LED light source and the LED sign. Because it has been proved that the lighting effect of LED channel letters has been greatly affected by the heat dissipation specifications of LEDs. Another question is that for the hanging led sign in the shop or shopping mall, need to reduce the inner weight of the LED holder to lighter the signage. However, the mentioned items will affect the lifespan of the LEDs. To solve this problem for the chain brands/chain shops, FOG Lighting upgrade the light source from LED modular and LED strip to LED PCB, which is using the aluminium base, with good heat dissipation and is lightweight. Moreover, the LED PCB can be well solved the problem of the dark area, blind spots, to offer a perfect even lighting effect. Using anti-UV ABS materials to build the sign shells, with a beautiful outlook, no joints. Need to find a reliable led signage supplier, contact FOG Lighting freely via

FOG Lighting is the 1st sign manufacturer that develop the injection moulding ABS signs to the market, like the SAMSUNG ABS fixture sign, OPPO, VIVO shop front LED sign, including mobile chain brands, home appliance chain shops, beauty shops, car brands, like Toyota etc famous chain brands.

In addition, FOG Lighting will continue working on reducing the costs of led signage based on improving quality at the same time, so that FOG Lighting LED sign can attract more clients, which means FOG will pay more attention to R & D, to develop more and more new signage products, and increasing the quality at the same time.

If need gets solutions for your advertising led sign or shop sign, welcome to send me messages via, our professional engineer team will offer advice accordingly.

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