Why SAMSUNG Choose The Intelligent ABS Fixture LED Sign?

SAMSUNG is one of the world’s most well-known communication brands, their market covers all over the world. Generally, SAMSUNG stores/retail shops etc. terminals sellers will be equipped with specific SAMSUNG led shop signs.

And from 2020 and 2021, all SAMSUNG shops changed their new ABS injection moulding led fixture signage, they changed the sharp angels on their logos and some other small details to increase their brand image. And very good news, FOG Lighting has updated all the new moulds for SAMSUNG signs, welcome to send us an email via fog@foglighting.com to get the available sizes.

Why did SAMSUNG choose the ABS LED sign instead of other crafts?

In the past, the indoor sign solution is usually resin signage, however, there will have many limits due to the high prices and long production time. So we recommended the injection moulding led fixture signage to the SAMSUNG head office to solve these limitations and help to make the chain-brand shop signs standard, unified in the worldwide market.

And now, all the SAMSUNG led light signs, no matter the shopfront led sign, indoor desktop sign, and other led light letters in the SAMSUNG shops, all using the ABS led letters. Including their sub-brands, and the mobile phone models, like Galaxy, QLED series, S8, S9, etc (just write out parts of them).

The ABS injection molding led signage is using injection moulding machines to produce the letter shells, so we need to open stainless steel moulds at the start that are needed put into the injection moulding machines when starting production. Later after the ABS shell/housing is finished, put the customized led PCBA board in the shell and fix it. Many factories are using glass glue to fix, however, FOG Lighting continues to insist fix by screws, although it will increase our production cost. Last insert the PC face panel into the ABS letter shell and fix it with organic glue. Need special pay attention to the PC face panels, as the ABS letter shells are made by the moulds, the face panel we also need to use the high-precision engraving machines to engrave then can be fit rightly.

Note: FOG Lighting has many ready-molds for the chain brands, including mobile brands, telecom brands, car brands, as well as local famous brands in different markets, welcome to send us messages to check by email fog@foglighting.com.

The featured advantages for ABS led letter sign

1. High-precision open-mould production, high precision, good lighting effect, no light leakage.
2. Customized Aluminum PCBA board, high light, even lighting, no dead corner/blind spots, and shadows when lighting.
3. Using high-brightness LEDs, no dark spots
4.1MM ultra-narrow edge, light-emitting area up to 98%
5. Ultra-thin and lightweight, beautiful outlook and support various installation methods, pin-mounted series, Hanging series, desktop series, floor standing series, as well as the series.
6. Very suitable for mass production, with a short production cycle.
7.2020/2021 Newest SAMSUNG ABS fixture sign ready-moulds, available sizes: H75mm, H100mm, H125mm, H150mm, H175mm H200mm, H250mm.


If need to place an order for SAMSUNG LED light signs, or inquiry for more information, welcome to contact us via fog@foglighting.com.

Anti-UV Outdoor OPPO Shop Sign

ABS Moulded LED Sign, Two Different Crafts for OPPO Chain Shops

The sales of OPPO mobile phones have been increasing greatly in recent years. OPPO stores are blooming both in the domestic market and global market. Such explosive sales growth is directly linked to the viral development of OPPO offline stores. In China, when we go out, we can see OPPO stores with white luminous logos on the green bottom plate everywhere.

The demand for LED luminous signage is huge because of such a big quantity of offline stores, all the OPPO stores need at least 1 set of the OPPO shopfront LED signs. Here let FOG Lighting introduce the OPPO PCBA circuit board light source injection moulding led sign craft in detail for you, mainly used for indoor and outdoor advertising, as well as the counter display LED signage. FOG Lighting has specially developed a full series of OPPO LED shop signs, to serve and meet the requirements of the OPPO brand’s advertising.

To meet the big chain brands requirements of LED signage, high quality, even lighting, standard, and uniform, FOG Lighting developed a new injection moulding craft to make the LED signage, using LED PCBA board as light source, injection moulding machines to make the sign outer shells, which can achieve big volume production in very short lead time. In this article, let me introduce this craft and the OPPO case in detail to everyone.

OPPO Front-lit LED shop sign — ABS injection moulding craft

The most commonly used type is the ABS front-lit LED sign for the shopfront, OPPO stores are the same. The OPPO sign shell is using imported ABS materials to build, chemical stability, not easy to deform. Moreover, the production is extremely high for the ABS injection moulded shell, the outlet hole, heat dissipation holes, and mounting holes are integrally formed, which is highly efficient.

The LED PCBA light source is using the aluminium substrate, the OPPO signs we are using the 2835 LEDs, which have a large luminous angle, to full use the diffuse reflection principle. No need to install very dense LEDs to achieve a high brightness, uniform lighting effect, energy-saving and high efficiency.

The PCBA light source is fully matched with the ABS shell, the LEDs are well distributed on the aluminum base by the LED placement machine/Mounter. Moreover, the heat dissipation performance of the aluminum substrate is more than three times of iron material.

The OPPO led signs we are using PC materials as the face panel, with strong toughness, and the PC face panel can be seamlessly connected with the ABS shell, the light transmittance exceeds 90%, all lead to good performance on the lighting.

OPPO front-lit ABS signage FOG Lighting has full sizes from H66mm to H800mm, indoor and outdoor, as well as counter display LED signage, I will share some photos at the bottom of this article.

OPPO Backlit LED shop sign — ABS moulded craft

OPPO backlit ABS LED signs are applied to the background wall of OPPO stores, the logo shell and the bottom transparent box are integrated injection moulding. Here we can see both the green front shell and the bottom white base shell of the sign are made by the precise stainless steel mould, the light source we are using are the LED PACBA aluminium baseboard, using pin mounted installation system.

The advantages of this superior ABS injection moulding craft

1. PC face panel

PC material has good light guiding, can well transform the LED light source, and presents a high-brightness, uniform lighting effect.

The PC panel has very good toughness, is not easy to break, convenient to match the ABS shells. Moreover, the good toughness specification makes the PC panel and the ABS shell more tightly and firmly nested, and achieve a seamless connection.

2. ABS injection moulding sign shell

FOG Lighting’s ABS shells are injection moulded by the stainless steel moulds, including heat dissipation holes, wire outlet holes, installation holes and other configurations. One-piece injection moulding craft, the ABS shells has the features of the sizes stable, lightweight, strong weather resistance.

3. Advantages of the LED PCBA circuit board light source

* Even lighting effect, more flexible on distributing the LEDs, which solves the problem of brightness inconsistency of strokes’ size and thickness.

* Stable quality, using large chips and aluminum substrates, high brightness with low light decay.

* Production efficiency, the production efficiency of installing the PCBA is more than 10 times higher than LED modular and the LED strips, saving the labour costs.

* Cost-effective, compared with the LED PCBA boards brightness, quality, and production costs, the LED PCBA board is considered to be more cost-effective overall.

Welcome to send us messages via fog@foglighting.com to get more info, or get quotations for your projects.

Moreover, if need to order OPPO signs for your projects, also welcomed.


LED signage mold design, bulk production for Samsung in South Korea

LED signage mold design, bulk production for Samsung in South Korea

On March 20th, 2016, we got an inquiry from Samsung, South Korea for the ABS injection mold design, mold making, bulk production of their newly design artwork. This inquiry has been sent to several other manufacturers as well.

After discussion with customers and several phone calls, we decide to make the ABS injection mold ourselves to minimize customer’s initial cost and to see if we can establish long term business relationship with Samsung.

20 days later, the mold making and sample proofing has finished, and we sent 3 sets to Samsung headquarter in South Korea and 1 set to Samsung China branch for quality testing.

After two months quality testing, they are satisfied with our LED signage design, product quality, service as well as our reasonable price. They placed an initial order of 5000 sets as the first order.

Samsung also asked some of their agents to purchase standard Samsung LED signage from us directly for small order quantity.

After then, we have been established long term business relationship with Samsung, everytime they have LED signage update and other signage requirements, they contacted us directly.

If you want to make custom LED signages shine as Samsung, or you want to buy Samsung LED signages in small quantity for your local dealer and shop, please don’t hesitate to contact fog@foglighting.com .

ABS Injection Moleded Backlit LED Signage, Mass Production for OPPO Moble Shops

FOG Lighting is the 1st company/factory using the ABS injection molding craft to make LED signage worldwide. We have rich experience in the molding craft, and how to present the most perfect display and lighting effect for the brands.

Today let me introduce another craft for the ABS mold led signage for you.
Injection molding LED signage can not only make front-lit lighting effect but can also make the back light-emitting lighting effect, here we show you FOG Lighting signage solution example for the OPPO backlist shop signs, dedicated for background wall.

Why did OPPO choose the ABS injection mould led letter craft?

When we talk about back luminous LED signage or shop front sign, most people will think of the milky white crystal acrylic and the painted metal shells, which are made by the bending machines.
But considering the huge number of OPPO stores, including China market and the global market, the traditional hand-made backlit led shop signs can not meet OPPO’s requirements. While the open-moulded injection-molded sign shell craft that can achieve rapid mass production was born.

OPPO injection molding letters, both the green front shell and the bottom white base shell of the sign are made by the precise stainless steel mould, the light source we are using are the LED PACBA aluminium baseboard, using pin mounted installation system.

The OPPO backlit ABS mould sign has many advantages, and it is suitable for OPPO store back wall decoration, or shopfront signage.

1. Lightweight, ABS materials, anti-UV and anti-yellowing
2. High-performance lighting effect, bright and even lighting, no shadow and blind spots
3. Cost-effective with high quality, and very beautiful outlook, can help to build brand image
4. Fast production for mass quantities, save the production time
5. PCBA light source, with great heat dissipation function


If you want to make custom LED signages like OPPO, or you want to buy OPPO LED signages for your local dealer and shop, please don’t hesitate to contact fog@foglighting.com.

FOG Lighting has the full sizes ready-molds OPPO shop signs, frontlit signs, backlit led signs, desktop signs, You are always welcome to consult and inquire.

FOG Lighting Has Finished Open the New Molds for Haier Brand MINI LED Store Sign

Haier officially launched a new generation of shop front LED signage standards.

FOG Lighting already finished opening the moulds for the new Hair LED signage. Welcome to contact us to get more information via fog@foglighting.com, Haier is one of the Home Appliance brands we are served for.

Haier storefront LED logos are made by the injection molding process. The new generation Haier light LED signs have changed from white injection-moulded front light LED logo to the sky blue mini-process injection mould led logo.

Except for the shell colour change, the manufacturing craft changed from the front lighting effect to the MINI led sign, and the others remain basically the same.

Remark: MINI led logo lighting effect is the front-lit + side-lit, the bottom is the semitransparent acrylic shell. However, they are still using the ABS injection moulding craft, with the same advantages as the frontlit ABS led logos.


Haier currently has 2 generations of official shop front LED light signages:

The 1st generation is the ABS injection molding front light-up LED store sign, with white shell, white led lighting, and white PC panel. Using ABS injection molded housing/shell, PC face panel, and high-bright LED font circuit board (PCBA aluminium board), the Hair shop logos have high performance on the sealing specification, and without light leakage.

The 2nd generation is injection-moulded MINI luminous LED sign, lighting effect is front and side light up. However, this new logo also compressed and molded by an injection molding machine, the front shell and bottom base using one-time forming injection mould process, only using the mini led letter process.

The new Haier moulded Haier mini led light sign add blue elements, making the new Haier shop signs have a sense of hierarchy and stronger visual impact. The blue colour symbolizes scientific and technological innovation, which means that Haier home appliance technology is constantly innovating, and the symbolic meaning is in line with the enterprise vision.


At present, FOG Lighting has 2 generations of Haier’s ready molds.

The new Haier injection molding mini luminous characters have been opened. The sizes include H100mm, H150mm, H200mm, and H300mm. They can be produced quickly when you place an order. Welcome friends in need to contact us via fog@foglighting.com

Hisense ABS Sign

LED PCB Circuite Board Light Source ABS LED Letter Sign for Hisense

Hisense is a worldwide leading home appliance brand, each Hisense store in the comprehensive home appliance shopping mall, the Hisense store must occupy a large area, especially in China market. Moreover, the Hisense exclusive shops can be found everywhere. If you have visited Hisense home appliance stores, you may clearly remember that here have eye-catching LED light letter signs were installed near the Hisense brand various types of products. And On the large Hisense stores, there will be Hisense led sign display on the hanging eyebrow.

So to be sum up, the total will need at least 7-8 sets of LED channel letters or up to 10 sets on each Hisense store. And for Hisense brand, which has many sales areas, domestic markets and worldwide market, the use of led signage is huge. So FOG Lighting has special work out led sign solution for Hisense chain stores, which can help Hisense to solve this problem. We’ve shown the solution for our client, using led PCBA light source, and ABS injection moulding craft to make the Hisense signage, can achieve bulk production in very short lead time, standard, uniformed, and high standard. Our client was very satisfied with this solution, and now we’ve finished the moulds for Hisense.

The Hisense led letters using anti-UV ABS materials to build the shells, is made by the injection moulding machine according to the developed stainless steel moulds. The ABS shells, wire holes, installation holes and heat dissipation holes are formed as one-time forming. The sizes, specifications are unified and standard. The letter shape LED PCBA light source is customized together with the injection moulding ABS shells. Evening lighting, no blind spots, and dark area. The face panel we are using PC materials, its light transmission performance is better than the acrylic panel. Its colour is more bright and white, and its bending is continuous, with strong toughness. Moreover, the PC panel and ABS shells are nested and sealed with glue to achieve seamless and jointless.

Hisense shopfront logo has special requirements on the color, for the normal stainless resin sign only asked to make the Hisense blue resin face. But for the ABS mould LED signs, they asked about Hisense blue face and shell. To solve this problem, we’ve offered 2 solutions for our clients and sent the samples to confirm, one is choosing paint finishing for the shell, 2nd option is using the custom film to cover both the face panel and shell.   If choose the 2nd option, the face panel and shells color can be 100% the same. Final, our client choose the 2nd option that can meet their requirement better.

If want to order Hisense ABS led signage or want to custom your own brand sign, welcome to send us messages via fog@foglighting.com. we are happy to receive info from you.

Hisense ABS Sign


Mass Production ABS LED Sign with PCBA Light Source for VIVO Mobile Chain Stores

As we all know, OPPO and VIVO mobiles are very popular in China market. And both OPPO and VIVO are very active in developing overseas markets, so FOG Lighting also received many inquiries for the ABS signs from the global market. Today, let me introduce the ready-mould sizes advertising LED logos that we have for the VIVO brands.

Here total has 2 styles of the VIVO shopfront logo (except the counter display led signs), one is regular that only have 4 ‘VIVO’ letters, and the other is the new open moulded one with ‘Camera & Music’ on the bottom of the VIVO letters. Both these two ABS led signage are widely used in the VIVO mobile stores, and they are usually used in indoor lightboxes, background walls, and other places.

Remarks: ABS led signs can also be used outdoor, for outdoor use, the LED PCBA board need to do special finishing to make it waterproof.

If you want to make outdoor logos, pls do tell the manufacturer your requirements including application occasions.

At present, FOG Lighting developed 22 sizes of ready moulds for the VIVO regular ABS led shop signs, from H83mm to H1300mm, with both indoor and outdoor advertising LED signage, which are also the most used sizes.

Moreover, FOG Lighting also developed 2 sizes of the new versions with ‘Camera & Music’ on the bottom, which is exclusive to the indoor background wall of VIVO stores, sizes include H447mm and H470mm.

And VIVO LED letters are made by injection moulding ABS shell and the high toughness PC face panel, the sign shell is made by imported ABS raw materials, which has the advantages of chemical stability and is not easily deformed. The whole sign shell is one time formed by the injection moulding machines, including heat dissipation holes, wire outlets, and installation holes. And the PC face panel and the ABS shell can be seamlessly spliced to prevent light leakage.

ABS full name is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic, raw material is opaque and ivory-coloured pellets, non-toxic, odourless, and low water absorption, it’s a kind of resin with very good comprehensive performance.

VIVO shopfront sign is using high brightness LED PCBA board as the light source, which is well-matched with the ABS shell. Distributed large luminous angle LEDs on the aluminium base PCBA, which can achieve the highlight lighting effect without using dense LEDs, can save cost at the same time.

The LEDs were well distributed to the aluminium base by the LED mounter machines, efficient without dead corners,  to ensure the VIVO LED advertising signs even lighting, no shadows and blind spots. With the ready-made stainless steel moulds of VIVO logos, mass production can be realized in a short time. It is suitable for chain brands like the VIVO with huge quantity demand, saving time and money.

Here FOG Lighting is happy to share with you one of the counter display LED signs for the VIVO new model released, FOG Lighting has assisted our clients and to produced several thousand sets of X23 table display LED signs for the VIVO mobile, in a very short lead-time that less than 2 weeks. This is why the chain brands like VIVO, OPPO, HUAWEI, SAMSUNG, LG these chain brands always choose the ABS light sign instead of other craft LED signage.

If need more info about the ABS moulded LED signage, pls contact us freely via fog@foglighting.com.