FOG Lighting Has Finished Open the New Molds for Haier Brand MINI LED Store Sign

Haier officially launched a new generation of shop front LED signage standards.

FOG Lighting already finished opening the moulds for the new Hair LED signage. Welcome to contact us to get more information via, Haier is one of the Home Appliance brands we are served for.

Haier storefront LED logos are made by the injection molding process. The new generation Haier light LED signs have changed from white injection-moulded front light LED logo to the sky blue mini-process injection mould led logo.

Except for the shell colour change, the manufacturing craft changed from the front lighting effect to the MINI led sign, and the others remain basically the same.

Remark: MINI led logo lighting effect is the front-lit + side-lit, the bottom is the semitransparent acrylic shell. However, they are still using the ABS injection moulding craft, with the same advantages as the frontlit ABS led logos.


Haier currently has 2 generations of official shop front LED light signages:

The 1st generation is the ABS injection molding front light-up LED store sign, with white shell, white led lighting, and white PC panel. Using ABS injection molded housing/shell, PC face panel, and high-bright LED font circuit board (PCBA aluminium board), the Hair shop logos have high performance on the sealing specification, and without light leakage.

The 2nd generation is injection-moulded MINI luminous LED sign, lighting effect is front and side light up. However, this new logo also compressed and molded by an injection molding machine, the front shell and bottom base using one-time forming injection mould process, only using the mini led letter process.

The new Haier moulded Haier mini led light sign add blue elements, making the new Haier shop signs have a sense of hierarchy and stronger visual impact. The blue colour symbolizes scientific and technological innovation, which means that Haier home appliance technology is constantly innovating, and the symbolic meaning is in line with the enterprise vision.


At present, FOG Lighting has 2 generations of Haier’s ready molds.

The new Haier injection molding mini luminous characters have been opened. The sizes include H100mm, H150mm, H200mm, and H300mm. They can be produced quickly when you place an order. Welcome friends in need to contact us via

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