Mass Production ABS LED Sign with PCBA Light Source for VIVO Mobile Chain Stores

As we all know, OPPO and VIVO mobiles are very popular in China market. And both OPPO and VIVO are very active in developing overseas markets, so FOG Lighting also received many inquiries for the ABS signs from the global market. Today, let me introduce the ready-mould sizes advertising LED logos that we have for the VIVO brands.

Here total has 2 styles of the VIVO shopfront logo (except the counter display led signs), one is regular that only have 4 ‘VIVO’ letters, and the other is the new open moulded one with ‘Camera & Music’ on the bottom of the VIVO letters. Both these two ABS led signage are widely used in the VIVO mobile stores, and they are usually used in indoor lightboxes, background walls, and other places.

Remarks: ABS led signs can also be used outdoor, for outdoor use, the LED PCBA board need to do special finishing to make it waterproof.

If you want to make outdoor logos, pls do tell the manufacturer your requirements including application occasions.

At present, FOG Lighting developed 22 sizes of ready moulds for the VIVO regular ABS led shop signs, from H83mm to H1300mm, with both indoor and outdoor advertising LED signage, which are also the most used sizes.

Moreover, FOG Lighting also developed 2 sizes of the new versions with ‘Camera & Music’ on the bottom, which is exclusive to the indoor background wall of VIVO stores, sizes include H447mm and H470mm.

And VIVO LED letters are made by injection moulding ABS shell and the high toughness PC face panel, the sign shell is made by imported ABS raw materials, which has the advantages of chemical stability and is not easily deformed. The whole sign shell is one time formed by the injection moulding machines, including heat dissipation holes, wire outlets, and installation holes. And the PC face panel and the ABS shell can be seamlessly spliced to prevent light leakage.

ABS full name is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic, raw material is opaque and ivory-coloured pellets, non-toxic, odourless, and low water absorption, it’s a kind of resin with very good comprehensive performance.

VIVO shopfront sign is using high brightness LED PCBA board as the light source, which is well-matched with the ABS shell. Distributed large luminous angle LEDs on the aluminium base PCBA, which can achieve the highlight lighting effect without using dense LEDs, can save cost at the same time.

The LEDs were well distributed to the aluminium base by the LED mounter machines, efficient without dead corners,  to ensure the VIVO LED advertising signs even lighting, no shadows and blind spots. With the ready-made stainless steel moulds of VIVO logos, mass production can be realized in a short time. It is suitable for chain brands like the VIVO with huge quantity demand, saving time and money.

Here FOG Lighting is happy to share with you one of the counter display LED signs for the VIVO new model released, FOG Lighting has assisted our clients and to produced several thousand sets of X23 table display LED signs for the VIVO mobile, in a very short lead-time that less than 2 weeks. This is why the chain brands like VIVO, OPPO, HUAWEI, SAMSUNG, LG these chain brands always choose the ABS light sign instead of other craft LED signage.

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