LED Light Source Common Problems and Solutions of the LED Sign

At present, LED advertising signs have become mainstream products in the signage industry. Because of the huge demand for LED, the market competition in LED manufacturing and sales is also extremely fierce. Many suppliers have improved their competitiveness by lowering prices. As the saying goes ‘Cheapest is the dearest’, many customers have bought inferior products at cheaper prices, resulting in a series of after-sales problems. Today, the editor of FOG Lighting will discuss with you how to distinguish between good and bad luminous characters.

Too bright lighting is not necessarily good

When we make/order a LED sign, bright light is a must. At the same time, we also have to consider the durability of the LED’s lighting effect. Many suppliers will increase the current in order to improve the brightness of the LEDs, which will directly increase the heat of the exposed LEDs, thereby increasing the light attenuation of the exposed LEDs. The LEDs lighting effect is good, but only short-lived.

Solutions: Solutions: First of all, before you customize a logo, you must understand the approximate market price of your required craft. If the prices is too different from the market price, you have to pay more attention. Another way to clarify is that, we can touch the LEDs lighting temperature, if the exposed LED reaches the “hot” state within a short time after turn on the power, then there is a high probability of quality problems.

Does the LED light have chromatic aberration, and is the lighting effect uniform?

This problem directly affects the performance of the LEDs lighting effect. The LEDs colour difference directly leads to the uneven light effect of the luminous LED signage.

The reason for this problem has: the quality of the LEDs is inconsistent, they may be mixed use of good products and fake products. And this is also a way in the price wars. But the after-sales problems are also very troublesome to maintain.

Solution: Purchase the same supplier, same batch and same colour LEDs to make the same batch led sign.

Use ohmmeter tests the working current of the LEDs

Through the instrument, we can clearly test the working current of the LED lamp source.

Generally, the best working current of the LED is 20mA, if over 22mA, the heat is too large, the light decay is strengthened, and the life is shortened.

If less than 20mA, the brightness is not ideal enough.

Light-emitting angle

The larger the light-emitting angle of the LEDs, the better its astigmatism effect, and the irradiation range increases, but the brightness of the light emission is reduced; the smaller the light-emitting angle, the lighting increases, but the irradiation range will be reduced.

The light-emitting angle is an important criterion for evaluating LED light sources. Some manufacturers, in order to earn higher profits, reduce the light-emitting angle to increase the brightness, you will buy this kind of inferior product if you don’t pay attention.

We understand that the reason why you choose LED luminous signs as advertising is that the sign must have both day and night advertising effects.  FOG Lighting has a wealth of experience in led signage production, and moreover, FOG Lighting has its own workshop to make the LED PCBA boards, we will strictly control the product raw materials. As for the purchase of LEDs, FOG Lighting will test and inspect them before purchase, after arriving at our factory, and before installation. The quality of the FOG Lighting led signage product is trustworthy.

If need custom your own signage, welcome to send us messages via fog@foglighting.com, we will be here to assist and work out the best solution for you.

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