Why my LED signage can not light up?

It’s big trouble for us that if our shopfront led sign or desktop led sign can not light up. Here FOG Lighting sum up some reasons why our led channel letters can not light up or are not bright as before. Let’s analyze and work out the solutions.

There sum up total 4 reasons that why my led signage not working:

Reason 1: Circuit Line Fault

Line fault is the highest probability that causes problems with our led signage, especially for the outdoor led letter sign. Moreover, the high temperature and humidity will cause the signage line to age in advance.

Reason 2: Power Supply Damage

The power supply can be said to be the heart of led luminous sign, which is very important and fragile. A wet or high-temperature environment easy to burn the power supplies, and if the power supply has a problem, will lead to voltage insatiability and burn out the LEDs inside the signage.

Reason 3: LED Problem

This reason is rare, and often happened on low-quality led signage products.

Reason 4: LED Life Expired

This situation is the least because LEDs have a longer lifespan than other light source products. The theoretical lifespan is 100,000 hours, and it can work for 10 years in continuous use.

After analyzing the reasons why the LED light-emitting sign letter light is not on, let’s see how to solve it?

Solution 1: Check the Circuit Line

Use a universal meter to check the line is connected. It has a problem, replace the line in time.

Solution 2: Change the Power supply

If there have problems with the power supply, just replace it directly. At the same time, we need to analyze why causes the power supply was damaged. If the environment reason, recommend placing the power supply in a dry and low-temperature environment. If the power supply burned due to the overload, recommend replacing it with a high power one.

Solution 3: Replace the LED

If change the LEDs, it’s best to change the same brand and model. If you change to other brands, it may lead to uneven lighting, different colour temperatures that affect the lighting effect.

Solution 4: LEDs life is exhausted

For this reason, we suggest replacing all LEDs. Because if only replaced the problem one, other LEDs will occur the same problem one after another. It’s better to replace them all directly.


When you want to make your own shop led signage, I suggest you find a supplier with a certain scale and reputation, as well as rich experience in this industry. Professional manufacturers can give us a good LED signage solution according to our requirements, purpose, and using environment. So that we can effectively reduce the failure rate and reduce the later maintenance cost. FOG Lighting is one of the largest advertising LED sign manufacturers in China. It is committed to serving the chain brands, like SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, SONY, APPLE, etc these mobile brands, home appliance brands like BOSCH, SIEMENS, Haier, beauty brands, car brands etc.

Welcome to contact us via fog@foglighting.com to get a quote for our LED signage.

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