What is the LED resin sign, How to make, the advantages and disadvantages of the advertising resin sign

Recently, the attention to the resin luminous LED sign has been increasing. However, most people are not clear about what resin signs are, the structure, and the production process. Don’t worry, through this article, the questions will be answered one by one for you, to help you to choose the best-led sign solution for your business, and which signage lighting effect, outlook will meet your requirements.

The structure of the led resin letters, resin shop signs

There are 3 parts for the resin signs, logo shells/bottom house, filling material, and the led light source.


The sign shell/bottom house part

It’s welding formed by plastic (ABS) injection moulding, or metal material (iron sheet, stainless steel, titanium, etc.). It’s made by the laser cutting machine according to the clients provided file. After laser welding, the edge shall be grooved, the LED sign letter bottom house welding must be firm and flat, and the three-dimensional edge must be accurate to achieve the docking and coincidence of the interface. Moreover, the resin led sign’s bottom house needs to be polished and then painted with white paint inside.

Distribute ultra-high brightness LEDs and electrode of the resin light sign

LED resin sign must pay attention to the uniform lighting when distributing the LEDs light source, especially for the thin strokes, that need to be encrypted and preferentially installed outside the strokes. To ensure the uniform lighting effect, we need to pay attention to the uniform wiring and the fixation.

The filling material in the shell is modified liquid resin casting

After distributing the LEDs inside, put a transparent acrylic face on the bottom house, seal the surrounding gaps with glass glue, and start pouring the resin after the glass glue solidifies.
After the resin is prepared, we need to make the air extracted through the vacuum machine. When pouring the resin, pay attention to whether there is resin leakage. And if has, it shall be filled in time. Pour the resin until the surface is obviously convex. When the resin is solidified and formed, the production is completed.

Final check the lighting effect and start trial adjustment, must wear organic gloves when checking, so as not to leave fingerprints and affect the appearance.


The resin letter shell should ensure the filling material’s casting and solid form, as well as effective reflection. Moreover, the filling material should ensure the penetration and uniform diffusion of the light; the LEDs should be installed and fixed at the bottom of the letter, and need to achieve a good diffusion effect so that the light maintains brightness and uniformity during the penetration of the resin. The finished resin characters have a smooth surface and a complete structure. There is no splicing mark between the surface and the shell, lighting evenly and bright.

How to make the led resin sign

  1. Do a good job on the metal shell. The resin letter shell is generally made of stainless steel (mirror or brushed), titanium, iron, etc. Requires fine workmanship, and the shell inside is coated with reflective paint to gather lights.
  2. Well distribute the LEDs and the electric circuit, LEDs need high brightness. When we made the very small and very thin strokes, asked to use the ultra-thin, and super-bright LED strips.
  3. Filled with liquid resin. Note: Stop casting when the resin level is 5MM from the top of the mould. The thickness of the resin casting layer is about 2CM. This layer is cast as a colourless and transparent cast layer, which can be called a light guide layer.
  4. Start the second layer casting, after the light guide layer, is cured. Resin + curing agent + homogenizing agent + colour is the second layer of the resin system. This layer is cast to fill the entire font and is called the homogenizing layer.
  5. Wait for the curing of the homogenizing layer to be completed.
  6. Clean the overflowing resin of the signage, polish and do the ageing test for 1-2 days.

The advantages of the resin LED signs

Resin signs do not need to be spliced when making big shop signs. Suitable for all kinds of small logos and Seiko logos. Can make all kinds of Seiko resin luminous characters. Exquisitely crafted, extremely small characters can also be produced, suitable for indoor image signs. Also can be adjusted to any color to meet clients requirements of the corporate image.

  1. Uniform lighting effect – reflect and transmit light with a unique light-transmitting, ensure the uniform light effect on the surface.
  2. Highlight – the luminous brightness can reach 500-1500Mcd (differs on the colour). Compared with traditional acrylic luminous characters, the same light source has nearly double the brightness.
  3. Ultra-thin – Has a light-transmitting and homogenizing layer, which can achieve an even lighting effect within a minimum distance of 20mm
  4. Superfine – good workmanship, the thinnest stroke can reach 6mm;
  5. High efficiency – maximize the use of light efficiency through reasonably led distribution and effective reflection of LEDs inside
  6. Energy-saving – LED light source, each led is only 0.1W, only 30W per square meter, and the power consumption is one-tenth of that of traditional neon lights;
  7. Safety – DC 12V, low voltage, safe and harmless to human body;
  8. Long life – with the super long life of 100000-200000 hours, waterproof, dust-proof and anti-static, ensure the best working environment of LED and maximize the service life of light source;
  9. Environmental protection – all anti-corrosion materials, no harmful gas vocalization, no light pollution and chemical pollution.
  10. Applicable – it can work normally and safely in harsh environments from- 40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, with high intensity, and can resist heavy rain, hot and other climatic environments, strong wind resistance and good sealing, greatly enhance the wind resistance in the sky. It can be installed on buildings such as indoors, high altitudes, pools, walls, etc.

The disadvantages of the resin LED signs

  1. High cost
  2. The trouble with maintenance, Once the light source inside is not bright, pry the resin on the surface layer, replace the light source, and pour the resin again; therefore, once a problem occurs, the maintenance cost is extremely high.
  3. Have difficulties with the large logos installation, the sizes are big, and the weight is very heavy.

Throughout the above advantages and disadvantages of resin letters, there is still a large space in the market. But it can’t completely replace other led signages.

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