How to Make the ABS Injection Molding LED Signs’ Shell

Today let me introduce how to make the shell of ABS mould LED signage so that you can know more clear about this craft.

Nowadays, using the injection moulding machine to make the ABS moulded shell is a very popular craft in the LED signage market. The ABS shell is injection moulded by a fixed size stainless steel mould, and if we only judged it by the naked eye, many people will mistakenly think that the injection moulded ABS shell is a metal paint baking material. When you take the ABS shell in hand, touch and knock it with your hand, and listen to the sounds, you will find that it is not metal material. We called the material of the injection moulded letter shell ABS material. It is a kind of synthetic resin and belongs to the category of plastics. To make it easier to understand and make sense, let me make an example, like the TV’s house, our computer display’s house, and our computer mouse’s materials are also the ABS materials.

ABS Injection Molded Shell

Firstly, the injection moulded ABS shell is heated and then solidified according to the formulated stainless steel moulds. And as ABS belongs to plastic, its thermoplastic performance is better compared with other metal materials. Moreover, ABS material is easier to process and shape the logo/signage’s shell without a too high temperature, which reduces the difficulty of production.

ABS’s full name is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, it is a thermoplastic polymer structural material with high strength, good toughness and easy processing, also known as ABS resin. And ABS also has good dimensional stability, is not easy to deform, and its surface is easy to paint and colour, which provides a variety of colour choices for injection moulded sign shells.  Because of these superior specifications, the biggest application fields of ABS resin are automobiles, electronic and electrical appliances, building materials and DIY manufacturing. And ABS led letter sign is one of the innovative use.

Moreover, the weight of ABS material is greatly reduced compared with the metal materials, which makes the injection-moulded LED signage more lightweight, but has excellent mechanical properties, good impact resistance and toughness. Although it is plastic, it is not easy to break. At the same time, ABS injection moulded letter shell also has strong wear resistance and oil resistance. It is not affected by water and inorganic salts. The colour of the letter/signage shell can remain stable for a long time.

These characteristics of ABS materials determine the unified, standard and stable functions of ABS injection moulded LED light signage. At present, most chain brands choose the ABS shop sign, the bottom boxes/shells of their shop signs, fixture signs, desktop signs are made of ABS materials. And most important thing is that FOG Lighting is using good stainless steel materials to make the moulds for your logo, which means the stainless steel moulds can be multiple recycling use, only the 1st time need open moulds for your logo.

However, FOG Lighting has many ready-molds for the famous chain brands, if you want to order the SAMSUNG, APPLE, SIEMENS, SONY, PANASOIC, HUAWEI, OPPO, VIVO, Haier etc. brands, FOG already has the ready-moulds, no need you to pay for the molds cost again, save the time and cost.

If you want to order the ABS shells or the ABS LED signage, welcome to contact via fog@foglighting to get the quotation. Or if you want to order other chain brands led signage, welcome to contact us to check more info. FOG Lighting is the 1st in the world to create this ABS injection moulding process, we have the most quantity ready-made moulds in our factory, and rich experience to help you to work out your signage solution.


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