Why Choose LED PCB Light Source for ABS Mould LED Sign?

Friends who know something about the ABS injection molding led signage, know that the LED circuit board light source (LED PCBA Light Source) is the designated light source for injection moulding ABS led sign. Usually, the LED sign light source we use is the LED modules or flexible LED stripe.

What are the unique advantages of the PCBA board light source that won the favour of a large number of chain brands? In this article, FOG Lighting will dissect it in detail.

If you want to know more about the ABS shell, pls refer to this web to get more info, https://www.foglighting.com/how-to-make-the-abs-injection-molding-led-signs-shell/

The injection-moulded ABS shell, because of its superior performance, in terms of chemical properties, the thermal deformation temperature of ABS material is 93-118 ℃, the finished products can be increased by about 10 ℃ after annealing. Moreover, ABS can still show certain toughness at minus 40 ℃.

First of all, luminous uniform and has a bright lighting effect.

Even lighting and high brightness are common requirements for all LED signs. But the regular led signs, like the stainless steel led sign, resin sign, seamless sign etc. are made by led modules and led strip, distributed and pasted the led modules/LED strip manual, so it is difficult to achieve such precision as the PCBA LED light source.

While the LED PCBA light source is using the LED laminating Machine, well-distributed the LEDs on the aluminium baseboard, evenly and no dead corner. Moreover, the aluminium baseboard is cut and shaped according to the size of the signage, can be perfectly fit the ABS shell.

After distributing the LEDs on the baseboard, then fixed the PCBA board on the inner side of the bottom ABS shell with screws. So you can see the ABS led sign lighting effect is much better than the one made by manual, even lighting, no blind spots, and dark area.

Secondly, a stable working state

The baseboard material of the PCBA light source is aluminium materials, which has excellent heat dissipation performance. Combined with the heat dissipation holes reserved on the backside of the ABS shell, it provides a suitable working temperature for the inside of the injection-moulded ABS led signs, greatly improving the service life and lighting stability of the LED PCBA light source, has low light decay, and the service life of the LED PCBA light source exceeds 50000h.

Thirdly, cost-effective

ABS led sign is usually required in batch (the led signs that need open new moulds), and the required luminous led sign specifications are unified, the LED PCBA light source can be made for batch production, with low cost and good lighting effect.

If you ordered the one that already has the ready-made moulds, that FOG Lighting has stocks, like the SAMSUNG, Haier, Galaxy, Siemens, etc, then no need to offer moulds cost again. Pls send messages to fog@foglighting.com to check if the brands you want to order already has the ready molds.

Fouth, easy installaiton

There is a large demand for the ABS mould led signs, clients also demand at least dozens of sets or hundreds of sets each time, many even reach several thousand or tens of thousands sets each time, the led PCBA board can be produced in a very short time, as it was made by the LED laminating Machine, only needs to fix the PCBA board in the ABS shell with screws, so ABS mold sign craft has high production efficiency and short delivery cycle.

To sum up, the customized LED circuit board (LED PCBA Light Source) can be select the type of LEDs and the LEDs distribution position according to the needs of customers. And through close cooperation, it can meet the most stringent requirements of high-end customers for the brightness and uniformity of the advertising signs.

Moreover, FOG Lighting has upgraded the waterproof performance of the letter shape LED PCBA board. There are two kinds of waterproof methods, Lens waterproof and covered with waterproof silicone glue, the waterproof level can be reaching IP67, the targe-angle optical lens can reduce the number of LEDs, energy-saving and environmental protection.

FOG LIGHTING has a variety of ready-moulds for home appliances, mobile phone brands, car brands, beauty brands, like OPPO, VIVO, HUAWEI, SAMSUNG, Midea, Haier, Toyota, Sony, Panasonic, and many other popular brands. Welcome to send us inquiries via fog@foglighting.com.

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